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50 amp spaces

30 amp spaces

DAILY - $35 - $40

WEEKLY - $200

MONTHLY -$399 - $500

Pricing is based on site size and location.

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Questions call here: +1 832-979-8039

Important: If you book monthly, (more than 28 days) you are only required the first month's payment to confirm your reservation. Your invoice will note the total stay amount, but that amount is not required to book your stay, you will only be billed monthly. 

Question? Call today! +1 832-979-8039

Includes water, electricity, sewer, garbage, and FREE Wi-Fi

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  1. CHECK-IN is at 1:00pm. Payment is due at or before check-in.

  2. CHECK-OUT is at 11:00am.

  3. Payment for MONTHLY GUESTS is due each month on the same day as initial check-in. MONTHLY GUESTS will be required to complete a background check for $25/adult (Waived for Military ID, TWIC or CHL holder).

    1. RETURNED CHECKS will incur a $35 fee.

    2. A LATE FEE of $15 with an additional $5.00/day will be assessed. If rent is not paid within 3 days of your due date, the Service Agreement will be terminated and the renter must vacate immediately.

  4. QUIET TIME is 10:00pm to 8:00am daily during the week. 11:00pm to 8:00am on the weekends. THESE TIMES WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

  5. PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for the conduct of their children and financially responsible for any damages incurred by their children. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied at all times.

  6. SPEED LIMIT in the park is 7 mph.

  7. TWO VEHICLE LIMIT on each site. All vehicles must have current registration, inspection and license plates.

  8. RV MUST BE LESS THAN 15 YEARS OLD to be in the park. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Manager.  

  9. All RV’s are expected to be kept CLEAN and in GOOD CONDITION. Washing of any cars or RV’s on Peaceful Pines property is NOT ALLOWED.

    1. CABLES, CORDS, WATER HOSES, SEWER LINES, ETC. are to be kept neat and orderly and in good working condition. Leaking water hoses MUST be replaced immediately.

    2. It is MANDATORY that your sewer hose have a sewer connection (sewer collar/donut) attached to prevent sewer gases from escaping. If you do not have one, one may be purchased at check-in.

    3. Please DO NOT FLUSH paper towels, tissues, diapers, feminine products, etc.

    4. OUTDOOR ITEMS should be neat and orderly.

    5. NO PERMANENT STRUCTURES are to be built without manager’s permission.

  10. AGGRESSIVE DOG BREEDS are not permitted at any time on Peaceful Pines RV Park property and excessive barking is grounds for being asked to leave the park. We are dog Freindly but you MUST pick up after your dog.

    1. ALL PETS must be on a leash at all times and there must be someone IN ATTENDANCE so that the pet does not get loose. Please put your PET INSIDE if you will be away for the day, or for any extended length of time.

    2. IT IS MANDATORY that Pet Owners pick up and properly dispose of their pet’s feces.

  11. ALL GARBAGE must be bagged and deposited into the dumpsters.

  12. Any type of PUBLIC DISTURBANCE such as disorderly, ill-mannered conduct, or drunkenness will not be tolerated.  

    1. A PUBLIC DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE will immediately terminate the Service Agreement of the site which must then be vacated IMMEDIATELY.  

    2. ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES and abuse of controlled substances are grounds for termination of the Service Agreement.

    3. If the Sheriff has to be called for any disturbance, the campsite must be vacated IMMEDIATELY--NO REFUND.  All occupants and guests must comply with all federal, state & local laws and park rules.

  13. Use of FIREARMS is not permitted in our park. FIREWORKS are also not permitted.

  14. All guests are considered TRANSIENT. This is NOT A LEASE.

  15. MONTHLY guests are subject to a criminal background check before checking in. We do make exceptions for certain cases just let know prior to booking so there is no surprises. Overall we believe in second chances and understand certain situations. 

  16. SITES MUST BE CLEANED before leaving to avoid being charged a $25 clean up fee to the credit card on file.

  17. Although not anticipated, PEACEFUL PINES RV PARK is not responsible for any damage or theft during your stay.

  18. PEACEFUL PINES RV PARK is not liable for any injuries that may occur on Peaceful Pines RV Park property.

  19. Discharge plug/cap is the responsibility of the tenant from check-in to check-out. Discharge cap must be re-installed on discharge upon any disconnection of tenants RV in order to ensure our septic system stays sealed from groundwater during weather events and other debris. Failure to do so will result in a fee up to $250.

  20. Cancelling your reservation on the day of or 30 days in advance of your stay will result in a forfeit of all money paid in. 

  21. Long Term Guest:  Are required to give a 30 days notice prior to move out or will be charged the following month's full fee. 

If for any reason the rules and regulations are not being followed, Peaceful Pines RV Park reserves the right to ask you to leave without reimbursement. Peaceful Pines RV Park also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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